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I can't remember not ever having a camera, and as a child I hated having to wait to have the pictures developed. About 6 years ago I purchased my first digital camera. I never had any formal training, so I read many books on photography and digital photography. Having grown up with a French mother who taught me to appreciate the beauty of flowers, that's what I started photographing.

Before my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, about six and a half years ago, she was very creative and artistic. As a child, I remember imagining that we had a Monet style garden in our backyard, which she created. She had fresh-cut flowers throughout the house.
I began to really enjoy taking macro (closeup) photos of flowers. It was almost as if I were putting the lens inside the flower and exploring the interior to create a photo that would show people what they never took the time to see.
I also enjoy taking abstract photos, as well as nature and architectural shots. With abstracts, I like to find a quite common object and creatively capture a shot of it in a way that makes you look and think before you can tell what it is.
"My goals for photography..... Enjoy, Learn, Experiment, Inspire, and above all be Creative..... and with those ideas being fulfilled, anything is possible.

I hope you enjoy my photographs !

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